Battery Saving
GPS Troubleshooting
Preparing for your first round

Battery Saving: Some GPS receiver models have internal batteries while others use the battery from the PDA. (Check the instructions that came with your GPS receiver.) Make sure the PDA battery and the GPS receiver battery (if applicable) are fully charged before your round.

Under normal golf usage, your battery power will last throughout even the longest rounds of golf. To ensure enough battery power, follow these tips:


1) PDA Settings (from the PocketPC Start menu):

  • Turn off device if not used for 1 minute (Settings/System Tab/Power).
  • Turn off backlight if devices is not used for 30 seconds (Settings/System Tab/Backlight).

2) Usage notes:

  • Manually power off the PDA when not in use.
  • Avoid non-essential use of GPS. For example, resist the temptation to watch the X move with you as you walk down the fairway.
  • Keep the non-essential use of the PDA to a minimum during the round, particularly during long waits for the groups ahead of you.

GPS Troubleshooting: If you are not getting a GPS signal, please check the following:

  • Does the receiver have a clear view of the sky? GPS does not work inside and reception could be reduced if you're standing next to a building or in thick tree cover.
  • Is your receiver attached correctly? Make sure that your receiver is fully connected. If your receiver goes into a sleeve on your PDA, make sure the sleeve is fully connected.
  • Is the battery charged? Make sure that your PDA is charged. (If the GPS receiver you use has an internal battery, make sure that battery is charged, too.)

Preparing for your first round:

1) Load the Digital Course Map onto your PDA.
2) Fully charge your PDA (and GPS Receiver, if required).
3) Familiarize yourself with the use of your PDA and StarCaddy.
4) Set up your Round information.
5) Attach your GPS Receiver to your PDA.

Load the Digital Course Map onto your PDA. StarCaddy uses patent-pending technology to create Digital Course Maps of your favorite golf courses. Use StarCaddy MapManager to link you to the StarCaddy website to choose your maps. Many maps are immediately available for your use. If yours is available, then follow the instructions in MapManager to download the map to your PDA. If yours is not immediately available, we'll send you an email (usually within just a few weeks) when the map has been created.

Fully charge your PDA (and GPS Receiver, if required). Make sure that the battery in your PDA is fully charged before your round. Follow the PDA instructions to learn how to attach the PDA to its charging cradle (or cable). It typically takes at least 2 hours to charge a fully discharged PDA battery.

If your GPS Receiver also requires charging, follow the manufacturer's instructions for doing so.

Familiarize yourself with the use of your PDA and StarCaddy. Experienced PDA users will have little difficulty learning how to use StarCaddy. Nevertheless, it is worth a few minutes to read the instructions below to become familiar with the icons and the various features that StarCaddy offers.

Less-experienced PDA users will want to take some time before going out on the course to get used to the use of the stylus, menus and other features unique to a PDA.

Set up your Round information. It takes no more than a few minutes to initially load the names (and handicaps, if needed) of your playing partners. Still, doing so before the going to the course means that you can spend those extra few minutes stretching or practicing.

Attach your GPS Receiver to your PDA. Carefully insert the StarCaddy Compact Flash GPS Receiver into the Compact Flash (CF) slot on your PDA. (If your PDA does not have a CF slot, you can purchase a CF sleeve wherever you bought your PDA.)

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